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How Life Insurancely Works For Final Expense Coverage


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Benefits of Final Expense

Final expense life insurance provides enough coverage to pay for end-of-life expenses like medical care and funeral costs, but at a higher cost than term life insurance.

In America a funeral can cost between $5,000 – $15,000 not including other end-of-life costs such as medical expenses. This cost falls on the burdens of your loved ones. Final Expense can protect them from such financial pitfalls.

Final Expense Coverage

Final expense insurance is permanent life insurance intended to cover funeral expenses. The death benefit is designed to pay for end-of-life medical bills and other expenses, such as burial or cremation. Associated cost include items like caskets and urns, and more.

Final expense never expires as long as you continue to pay your premiums. Dissimilar to permanent life insurance policies, which require a clinical test (such as Urine and Blood sample) to decide the premium of your policy, you’ll just have to respond to a couple of qualifying questions for final expense insurance.

  • Final expense insurance is permanent life insurance
  • Death benefit is designed for end-of-life bills
  • Final Expense pays for burial and cremation costs
  • Final Expense never expires as long as you pay your premiums

Coverage Amounts To Meet Your Needs

Final Expense Insurance / Burial Insurance can offer applicants coverage amounts from $2,500 to $50,000. This coverage will provide peace of mind knowing that surviving loved ones will inherit an estate rather than a bill from a funeral home, nursing home, or hospital.

No Medical Exam

Final Expense Insurance/Burial Insurance are issued without a medical exam. There are however a few questions a licensed life insurance agent will need to review with you. These qualifiers assist the underwriting component to the policy.

Guaranteed Issue Coverage With Final Expense

When you are applying with multiple medical conditions (commonly known as pre-existing conditions), you’ll qualify for a guaranteed issue policy. Guaranteed issue policies are provided when medical qualifications are not met for policies. In a guaranteed issue policy there is no medical underwriting for a policy to be issued.

However, do not be surprised if there is a two-year waiting period. Insurance company is accepting an unknown risk, which places a waiting period when the death benefit will be the sum of all premiums paid plus an additional 10%. Speak with a licensed insurance agent to better understand how guaranteed issue policies work and how they may apply to your situation.

  • Medicare Supplement Insurance is also known as Medigap
  • Medigap helps fill coverage gaps left out by Medicare Part A & Medicare Part B
  • Medigap can help reduce the amount you pay out-of-pocket